Countdown 2019

Countdown (2016) เคาท์ดาวน์

Countdown Courtney is a teen who is enticed by her friends to download Countdown. The app forecasts the length of time a user will be alive. Courtney is shocked to find that she only has three hours left to live. Courtney is trying to avoid going in a car with her drunk boyfriend Evan receives a notice that she’s violated the “user agreement”. When she returns home, she discovers that she was murdered and attacked by an unknown person. Evan crashes his car and a branch of an oak tree falls onto the chair Courtney was sitting in.

Quinn Harris is a nurse at the hospital in which Evan was admitted. She denies Evan’s claims about an ethereal app, but downloads it it to say that she’s got two days left to live. Evan does not undergo surgery, and Quinn Harris informs her that he has violated the contract. Evan attempts to leave the hospital, but is confronted by Courtney’s ghost before being slain and attacked by the entity. Countdown HD

Quinn finds out about Evan’s death and examines her phone to determine whether there’s any remaining time in the application. Quinn is worried that Evan may soon pass away and she decides not to travel to her family. The app informs Quinn she’s violated the terms of her user agreement. Then the app’s notification, Dr. Sullivan, her boss is sexually harassing her. She attempts to complain to her supervisor, but he refuses her. Quinn examines the app and finds out that similar incidents have been reported by other users. But most people consider these apps to be fake. When Quinn attempts to buy an additional phone and discovers that Countdown has already installed itself on the phone.

Quinn is victimized by a demon and is confronted by Matt who is a young man whose Countdown states the death of him will occur within the next 18 hours. The user agreement could be violated if the user tries to alter their destiny. Quinn and Matt were traveling together that should have ended with their deaths. Quinn finds out that Sullivan convinced her that she was sexually harassing Matt in the workplace. This resulted in her being fired. Matt and Quinn talk to Father John, who tells them that the app is connected to Ozhin the demon that was first summoned by an Roma woman. She also told that a prince would be the one to decide when it will be over. Derek is a mobile salesman on the phone, hacks the code to discover the fact that Jordan was destined to die just prior to Quinn. He adds a few years to Jordan’s, Quinn’s and Matt’s lives. As Quinn and Matt stay up all night, Quinn changes into Matt and then attacks Quinn. The countdowns, including Jordan’s, are reset to their initial lifespans.

Jordan is informed that her countdown has been changed to her old age. Jordan is then frightened and controlled by Quinn’s mother. Quinn and Matt take Jordan to bring Jordan back to Father John. Quinn believes that the curse could be broken when the countdown has ended or someone is alive beyond the time limit. To delay Ozhin and the demon, they plan an eminent round. The demon appears , and entices Jordan and Matt out of. Quinn is the first to bring Jordan to the hospital, realizing she is able to kill Sullivan within the time allotted. Ozhin helps Quinn escape an attack, and tries to take him down. Quinn is addicted to the drug and commits suicide to prove that the app is not true. Jordan offers Quinn Naloxone, and the countdown timers stop. Quinn finds out, after Jordan and Jordan have visited Jordan’s graves and graves, that Sullivan was arrested. Quinn also hears from Sullivan however, Quinn is unaware of the fact that Countdown 2.0 had downloaded onto her phone.

Mid-credits: Derek is on a dating meeting. The Countdown app causes the lights to be turned off in the restaurant, and he is assaulted.