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Redcon 1

Redcon 1

Redcon 1 In Britain the virus has taken over the entire country, turning people to zombies. The virus was first discovered in a South London prison. A joint British-American special forces squad goes into the quarantine zone to find Dr. Julian Raynes, a scientist who is meant to be capable of finding an effective cure. There are four possible locations he might be in. The crew consisting of Captain Stanton and Lieutenant Perez, Paige and Rodrigo together with a few others, head to the first spot via an assault craft that is floating on the river. They encounter their first zombies, and realize that they are not like the normal zombie genre and are more intelligent, adept at hand-to-hand combat as well as utilizing objects. The first location is taken over by zombies and they manage to fight their way out and find some combat vehicles that they utilize to reach the second location , which is the high-rise flats. Redcon 1 HD

The flats are overrun with zombies . They get to the room they require in the uppermost floor, the scientist not there and again, but the disaster occurs when the most powerful guy in the group, Jacob, is bitten in a fight. Jacob commits suicide via gunshot to prevent being zombified. They find vehicles full of zombie-like soldiers who are hiding in rubble. The group hides among the dead corpses, however Private Bernstein is captured and taken away on a truck. They follow the vehicles using the signal of tracking from Bernstein and discover a zombie army camp where there are a large number of zombie soldiers, all decked out in CBRN hazardous suits. They discover their missing soldier is inside a container, along with others who survived, comprising two civilians as well as Dr. Raynes.

After saving everyone inside the container, they encounter the zombies. There is a firefight during which a number of survivors are killed by the zombies. Raynes is interrogated after they manage to escape. Meanwhile the squad’s commanding officer, Major General Smith, discusses the situation with the rest of his staff. It is discovered that his own son is afflicted and they are still experimenting on other zombies. Paige is her boyfriend Rodrigo is sheltered in a bunker and admits that she contracted the virus through the blood that was contaminated from an earlier fight. He kisses her with passion, even though he knows it is likely that he will contract the same infection as she. They leave the group behind and go into the country. They find that Alicia is the only survivor, may be immune to the illness.

Stanton, Bernstein, Perez, and Alicia arrive at the pick-up location where Smith says Smith has to kill his son , and that there is no cure. Smith was furious at Raynes and demanded revenge. Smith shot Raynes and then returns to the helicopter, while a firefight ensues between his security group and survivors. Perez is injured and it’s revealed that Bernstein was targeted by Smith to collect intelligence because of his parents being kept captive. Perez remains behind to fight a horde but is outmatched and devoured. Stanton as well as Alicia are captured by the prison band. It is revealed that Alicia was the daughter of Jimmy who was who was the leader of the rebels. Jimmy died shortly after escaping earlier in the film. Jimmy was earlier revealed to have at the very least partial immunity from the virus. As Stanton is checking Alicia’s bit it is revealed that she’s got scars from having been bitten before. From the conversation and the journal, he is aware that Jimmy was only partially immune, and that Alicia is completely immune. Stanton decides to try to get to the free zone to gain an alliance with a group of armed survivors that are close to the border. They meet the survivors who discover Private Bernstein. Stanton explains to the survivors the military’s plan of bombing the quarantine zone. The survivors are willing to help him in crossing the frontier.

At the border they fight an extremely large number of zombies. They are also joined by the prison gang that have decided to help them. Smith arrives at the border and commands his men to take out all. However, a fight takes place between Smith and Stanton who is then zombified and ultimately beats the General. In the aftermath, Stanton is given a mercy killing by Bernstein and Alicia is removed from the quarantine zone.